• PicFrame


    Combine multiple photos into amazing looking frames.

  • Picfx


    Apply effects and frames to create a unique looking picture.

  • Bokehful


    Add fun bokeh light effects to your photos!

  • PicBoost


    Manipulate your photos through an easy to use interface.


PicFrame 8.6 for iOS

PicFrame 8.5 Music
PicFrame for iOS has been updated to version 8.6! You can now add music to your frames and save them as videos. We have also added 16 exclusive holiday themed background patterns – just in time for Christmas!

Download it now in the AppStore.

Picfx v6

Picfx v6

Picfx has been updated to version 6 and includes an entirely new interface and support for the iPad. We have also added 7 new PFX Film effects! For more information on the update check out the Picfx blog.

Picfx is available in the App Store.

PicFrame 8.5

PicFrame 8.5 Screenshots

PicFrame has been updated to 8.5 on iOS.

  • Updated interface for iOS 7
  • Bug fixes for rendering videos
  • Fixed iPad labels text color issue

Check it out in the App Store.

PicFrame 8 – Add Videos!

PicFrame for iOS has been updated to version 8. You can now add videos to your frames!

  • Add up to 9 videos or mix with photos
  • Change the shape of your video (circle, heart, triangle etc)
  • Add labels on top of videos
  • Play all videos at the same time or set a specific order
  • Shadows, round corners and patterns all work with videos!
  • Trim your videos up to 30 seconds
  • Set the volume of each video
  • Save videos to your camera roll, share via Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Path, Flickr and Email or open with another app (Dropbox).

There is now also a 16:9 and 9:16 ratio option.

Quick Straight

Quick Straight Screenshots
Quick Straight is a simple and easy to use app to help you straighten photos that have uneven horizons. Open the app and it immediately loads your latest photo to straighten. Use two fingers to rotate the photo, or if you want precision drag one finger up or down to rotate it in smaller increments.

Quick Straight is available for free in the App Store.

PicFrame For Android Updated

PicFrame 2 Android

PicFrame for Android has been updated to version 2. It now includes shapes so you can change the shape of each photo to a circle, heart, hexagon and more.  We have also added a 9:16 ratio and updated the interface for usability.

Edit: We have just updated it to version 2.5! Now frames are fully adjustable! Drag the inner borders of a frame to customize.

Check it out in Google Play.