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    PicBoost lets you quickly manipulate your photo using a set of intuitive tools. You may create your own effects by adjusting the RGB curves and overlaying another image with a blend mode of your choice.

Among other things PicBoost also offers crop and transform controls as well as the ability to save your image into a square format with white or black padding.

Feature List

  • Real time color curves adjustment
  • Preset curves that can be tweaked
  • Save your own custom curves
  • Overlays to give your photos texture
  • Use your own photos as an overlay and set the blending mode and opacity
  • Crop your photo with preset ratios or free form
  • Rotate and mirror your photo
  • Antique black & white and sepia effects
  • Quick mode will combine effects when you don’t have time to tweak it yourself
  • Keep adding as many overlays and effects as you want
  • A selection of borders to choose from to give the photo a perfect finish
  • Save at full resolution
  • Optionally resize your photos
  • Save your photo to square format with black or white padding to keep the original ratio, this means you don’t need to crop your image for Instagram etc.
  • Post your photos to Facebook
  • Undo any change you make right back to the original photo