PicFrame for iOS v11

PicFrame for iOS has been updated to version 11 and includes some interface improvements to adding text labels as well as integration of stickers. Check out the update in the App Store now!

Picfx v8 for iOS, now with video support!

Picfx v8Now edit VIDEOS, time-lapses, slo-mos and loop videos with Picfx filters!

Refine your photo and videos even further with image adjustment tools: Exposure, Contrast, Brightness, Saturation, Vignette, Sharpen, Highlight Save, Shadow Save.

Established in 2011, Picfx has been part of the iPhone photography community for over 6 years. During this time we have seen many advances in the iPhone camera hardware, commanding many powerful new apps to satisfy the growing number of niches within iPhone photography.

With this update we’ve refined our feature set and focussed on our vision for a highly functional, simple, effective tool for editing your photos and videos.

Besides adding new features we also announce the removal of all overlay filters and textures. Specifically Bokeh, Space, Textures, Grunge, Frames, Scratches & Light leaks. For these needs we invite you to try an alternate texture based Photo App in the App Store.

You can find Picfx in the App Store.

PicFrame for Mac 2.8

Screenshot of PicFrame

PicFrame for Mac has been updated to 2.8 and now supports the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro! The interface has also been slightly tweaked, with an updated toolbar area. The full update list is below.

  • Support for Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro lets you quickly style or save your PicFrame
  • Resizing the window is now supported, go full screen!
  • Redesigned tool bar
  • Increased sharing resolution
  • Changed zoom behaviour
  • Interface improvements

Picfx v7 for iOS

Picfx v7 graphic

Picfx has received a huge update for our version 7 release and is available now in the App Store. With intuitive interface enhancements, faster image processing, new filters, new textures, new light leaks, filter tweaks and new premium content.

**Interface Updates**

Filter strength control is now more accessible
Tap and hold photo to see without filter
Tap filter once to preview, and again to remove preview
Menu with settings and additional information
Icons redesigned

**Filter Updates**

Classics (12 filters)

Marshmallow: Updated colour profile
Candyfloss: New filter
Dawson: New filter
Twilight: New filter modified from Sheen
Autumn: New filter modified from Lana
Fern: Updated colour profile
Meadow: Updated colour profile
Lush: Updated colour profile
Breeze: New filter modified from Olden
Old School: Updated colour profile
Frost: New filter modified from Grit
Sepia: Updated colour profile

PFX Film (25 filters) No changes

Vintage (11 filters)

Dawn: New filter
Dusk: New filter
Valentine: Updated colour profile
Film: New filter
Film 2: New filter
Pola: New filter
Lomo: New filter
Weekend: New filter
Worn: New filter
Haiku: Updated colour profile
Retro: Updated colour profile

Urban (11 filters)

Enhance: No change
Street: New filter
District: New filter
Park: New filter
Neighborhood: New filter
Police: Updated colour profile
Metro: New filter modified from Crime Scene
Downtown: New filter Modified from Alleyway
Suburb: New filter
Police: Updated colour profile
Haze: Updated colour profile
Brick: New filter modified from Red District

Scratches (10 filters)

Scratches 1: New filter
Scratches 2: New filter
Scratches 3: New filter
Scratches 4: New filter
Scratches 5: New filter
Scratches 6: Created from Olden texture
Scratches 7: Created from Sheen texture
Scratches 8:Created from Grit texture
Scratches 9: Created from old Scratches 1
Scratches 10: Created from old Scratches 2

Light (8 filters)

Leak 1: New filter
Leak 2: New filter
Leak 3: New filter
Leak 4: New filter
Leak 5: Modified from Leak 3
Leak 6: Modified from Leak 4
Tutti: No change
Frutti: No change

Bokeh (10 filters) No Changes
Textures (9 textures) No Changes
Space (4 textures) No Changes
Grunge (5 textures) No Changes
Frames(13 frames) No Changes

**New Premium filter sets**

Instant Film (14 filters):
Instant 1: New filter
Instant 2: New filter
Instant 3: New filter
Instant 4: New filter
Instant 5: New filter
Instant 6: New filter
Instant 7: New filter
Instant 8: New filter
Instant Leak 1: New filter
Instant Leak 2: New filter
Instant Leak 3: New filter
Instant Leak 4: New filter
Instant Leak 5: New filter
Instant Leak 6: New filter

BW (10 filters)
BW 1: New filter! FREE
BW 2: New filter! FREE
BW 3: New filter!
BW 4: New filter!
BW 5: New filter!
BW 6: New filter!
BW 7: New filter!
BW 8: New filter!
BW 9: New filter!
BW Grain: New BW grain texture

Picfx for Android

Picfx is now on Android!
Picfx provides you with a vast and growing 130 layerable effects for your mobile photography. With our Add Another function this number becomes infinite with the ability to layer as many different effects, textures, light leaks, bokeh and frames as you like, to create a truly one-of-a-kind photo.

PicFrame for iOS updated to 9.5


PicFrame has been updated to version 9.5 on iOS and brings with it support for 4:5 and 5:4 ratio frames along with suitable resolutions to create perfect full sized Instagram images.

You can find PicFrame in the App Store.

Edit directly within the Photos app

Did you know you can use Picfx directly in the Photos app? Here’s a quick 15 second video showing you how.

Picfx 6.8 is out now!

Picfx 6.8

In this update:
• On supported devices you can use the 3D Touch shortcut menu to edit your most recent photo or launch directly into the camera
• Crop screen lets you select a ratio
• Picfx now handles photos that are stored in your iCloud correctly
• Fixed photo thumbnails. Now displaying in full resolution.

Available now in the App Store.

Picfx Update

Picfx 6.5 Update

Picfx has been updated to version 6.5 and now allows you to edit directly in the Photos app. To do so open the Photos app and find a photo you would like to edit with Picfx. Tap the photo and then tap “Edit” in the top right, after that tap the three dots in a circle and select Picfx. If you decide you want to remove the Picfx filter later you can revert the changes and go back to the original photo.

Included in this update are three new effects, PFX 27, PFX 28 and PFX 41, great for those gloomy winter photos.


Picfx 7th Top Paid App

Picfx 7th in app store

Picfx suddenly shot up the iTunes charts in the US this week, at one point making it the 7th Top Paid app on the App Store!  This was a nice surprise, I think the highest it had been before was around 15th – which we were very happy with at the time but now we have a new record. One day it will reach the top spot!

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