Responding To Reviews

Although it is great that people can write reviews on apps they have tried, I have noticed someone requested a feature that already exists. Perhaps it is a user interface issue that they aren’t aware of the functionality and I will think about ways to address this.

iTunes reviewer Aybaybaay asks:

Could there be an option to not have any borders at all? So that the pictures are actually touching one another

To do this, you simple click on the style tab, and then move the first slider left or right to have the size of the border go from non existent to large.

The top slider shows there is a small border

Sliding it all the way to the left removes the border

PicTools Free Report

PicTools had over 34,000 downloads while it was free for one day. Excellent!

PicTools Free For One Day

PicTools is free for one day only!  Get in quick, you can download it in the Apple App Store.

PicTools + PicFrame

Tree and Moon

Just some photos of the moon rising, take with the iPhone 4, edited with PicTools and arranged with PicFrame.

PicTools Update Released

The App Store has just put up the latest release of PicTools, the biggest addition is being able to save your own curves. Here is the full list of changes:

  • New Effects
  • New Overlays
  • New Border
  • Save up to 5 custom RGB curve settings
  • Overlays, Effects and Borders have now been given names for easy reference
  • Borders now have an opacity control
  • Interface tweaks
  • Setting to have a plain background rather than the grid

Check it out here /pictools

PicFrame Update

Working on an update for PicFrame, fine balance of adding features but keeping it simple.

HTML5 Games

Infinite Mario

I’ve come across some well executed HTML5 games recently, one of them a mario clone called Infinite Mario and the other an original title named Biolab. Biolab is an example of what can be created with the Impact javascript game engine.  They are fast, fun to play, and a step in the right direction towards an interactive experience without Adobe Flash.

Saving your curves

PicTools save curve

PicTools now has the ability to save your own curves, after I finish updating a few other things I will submit this to the App Store.  It generally takes around a week for an update to get approved – although a Picfx update was once accepted over night so fingers crossed.

Any curves that are saved appear after the built in presets and will also be used in the Quick function, for random effects.

PicTools Update Progress

Save button on curves

Today I’m working on an update for PicTools, the main functionality added will be the ability to save your own curves (and possibly overlays) so you can reuse them easily later on.  I’m planning to allow for 5 custom slots, which you can save to.  These will be displayed along side the usual presets.  Hopefully it won’t be too long before this update is in the App Store.

PicTools App Released

PicTools IconPicTools is the latest iPhone app we have in the iOS App Store, it’s aim is to provide an easy to use interface to edit your photos with. The idea to create this app came from using other advanced iPhone based photo editors that provided a lot of functionality, but had a complicated interface, or weren’t quick enough if you just wanted to make a few small edits. So PicTools tries to be light weight and quick, but can still do advanced editing and also introduce beginners to things such as RGB curves through the presets.

A review at Appotography on PicTools seemed to capture exactly the above and concludes the review by stating

Not only it does give you enough to enhance your photos in a cinch, but it is also very simple and user-friendly and it allows great results, without going through all the trouble of tweaking with massive iPhone photo editors.

I recommend reading the review and it also has a couple of great example output images. You can also find out more about PicTools here

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