An update for PicFrame has been released with a hugely improved interface and lots of new features.

  • PicFrame now has an updated interface including an intuitive iPad UI, allowing you to drag and drop photos in to PicFrame from other apps, or directly when selecting photos within the app!
  • Draw with your finger or Apple Pencil directly on to your PicFrame!
  • Write multi line text labels!
  • Add a stroke outline to text
  • The UI has been improved without losing any functionality
  • A new travel sticker set has been added
  • Added Dark/Light mode!

PicFrame Create is our offer of an extended version of PicFrame with extra features, it is offered by a small subscription or a one off payment. This will help PicFrame continue to improve and bring more frequent updates.

  • Existing users will not lose any functionality - restore purchases if you find you are missing something or get in touch for support!
  • All frames including 23 new angled frames
  • All stickers
  • Saving templates
  • Add your own watermark

View it in the App Store now!