Picfx v7 graphic

Picfx has received a huge update for our version 7 release and is available now in the App Store. With intuitive interface enhancements, faster image processing, new filters, new textures, new light leaks, filter tweaks and new premium content.

Interface Updates

Filter strength control is now more accessible
Tap and hold photo to see without filter
Tap filter once to preview, and again to remove preview
Menu with settings and additional information
Icons redesigned

Filter Updates

Classics (12 filters)

Marshmallow: Updated colour profile
Candyfloss: New filter
Dawson: New filter
Twilight: New filter modified from Sheen
Autumn: New filter modified from Lana
Fern: Updated colour profile
Meadow: Updated colour profile
Lush: Updated colour profile
Breeze: New filter modified from Olden
Old School: Updated colour profile
Frost: New filter modified from Grit
Sepia: Updated colour profile

PFX Film (25 filters) No changes

Vintage (11 filters)

Dawn: New filter
Dusk: New filter
Valentine: Updated colour profile
Film: New filter
Film 2: New filter
Pola: New filter
Lomo: New filter
Weekend: New filter
Worn: New filter
Haiku: Updated colour profile
Retro: Updated colour profile

Urban (11 filters)

Enhance: No change
Street: New filter
District: New filter
Park: New filter
Neighborhood: New filter
Police: Updated colour profile
Metro: New filter modified from Crime Scene
Downtown: New filter Modified from Alleyway
Suburb: New filter
Police: Updated colour profile
Haze: Updated colour profile
Brick: New filter modified from Red District

Scratches (10 filters)

Scratches 1: New filter
Scratches 2: New filter
Scratches 3: New filter
Scratches 4: New filter
Scratches 5: New filter
Scratches 6: Created from Olden texture
Scratches 7: Created from Sheen texture
Scratches 8:Created from Grit texture
Scratches 9: Created from old Scratches 1
Scratches 10: Created from old Scratches 2

Light (8 filters)

Leak 1: New filter
Leak 2: New filter
Leak 3: New filter
Leak 4: New filter
Leak 5: Modified from Leak 3
Leak 6: Modified from Leak 4
Tutti: No change
Frutti: No change

Bokeh (10 filters) No Changes
Textures (9 textures) No Changes
Space (4 textures) No Changes
Grunge (5 textures) No Changes
Frames(13 frames) No Changes

New Premium filter sets

Instant Film (14 filters):
Instant 1: New filter
Instant 2: New filter
Instant 3: New filter
Instant 4: New filter
Instant 5: New filter
Instant 6: New filter
Instant 7: New filter
Instant 8: New filter
Instant Leak 1: New filter
Instant Leak 2: New filter
Instant Leak 3: New filter
Instant Leak 4: New filter
Instant Leak 5: New filter
Instant Leak 6: New filter

BW (10 filters)
BW 1: New filter! FREE
BW 2: New filter! FREE
BW 3: New filter!
BW 4: New filter!
BW 5: New filter!
BW 6: New filter!
BW 7: New filter!
BW 8: New filter!
BW 9: New filter!
BW Grain: New BW grain texture