Although it is great that people can write reviews on apps they have tried, I have noticed someone requested a feature that already exists. Perhaps it is a user interface issue that they aren’t aware of the functionality and I will think about ways to address this.

iTunes reviewer Aybaybaay asks:

Could there be an option to not have any borders at all? So that the pictures are actually touching one another

To do this, you simple click on the style tab, and then move the first slider left or right to have the size of the border go from non existent to large.

[![](/content/images/2011/09/Photo-3-09-11-4-14-49-PM-300x297.png "PicFrame Border Example")](/content/images/2011/09/Photo-3-09-11-4-14-49-PM.png)The top slider shows there is a small border
[![](/content/images/2011/09/Photo-3-09-11-4-14-53-PM-300x296.png "PicFrame Borderless Example")](/content/images/2011/09/Photo-3-09-11-4-14-53-PM.png)Sliding it all the way to the left removes the border